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Internet’s Innovation-Seller’s Gain

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Steve Lederman
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Internet’s Innovation – Seller’s Gain

It seems these days that most innovations in business are internet related. Whether you are looking for a taxi, booking a vacation or simply buying a new coat, the internet has changed the rules of business often producing great savings to you the consumer. Selling your home is no different. Over the last four years alone, real estate searches on Google have increased over 258%. This is a direct correlation with the growth of smart phone use which has increased 394% in the last four years. Finally, with over 92% of buyers using the internet to search for a home, I can conclusively state that the rules of how a home is bought and sold have been permanently changed.   Before wide spread use of the internet, it was fair to say 50% of the job description of a listing agent was marketing the property and getting the information out to attract potential buyers. Now that part of the job description is a “slam dunk” with MLS, Zillow, and 100’s of other syndicated sites.   Bay Select Realty passes the innovation of listing and selling a home back to you, the seller. Why aren’t more real estate agents doing the same? I can’t tell you.